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"It's the Cat's Ass!"*

A collection of DFC-related resources

The DysFAQ v2.2 (Aug 1999)
Caption Guidelines v2 (Apr 1999)
A loose set of guidelines to follow to get your captions accepted
Horselover Fat's Inside Guide to the DFC
An editor's opinions on what gets a caption accepted
The DFC Home Companion
Raven's great cross-referenced companion guide; also provides what will probably be a more updated list of other/fringe DFC resources out there
Gen. Sedgwick's DFC Stats
Statistics on caption acceptance rates, and other things I barely understand, even after he explained them to me two or three times
The Sledgehammer
Only-slightly-distorted tales of the end-days. DFC news articles and Spinn's own accounts.
The Spinnwebe Spiral
The web ring of some of DFC's finest. Spinnoff Spiral spiral home spinnwebe home ahead 2 ahead 1 back 1 back 2
*A caption originally posted by Werehamster for #249, which we deleted, but I later decided I liked.

PLEASE NOTE: The real DFC is now retired, and as such, no longer accepting captions. This is an archive. See FAQ #6, but ignore the bit about the feedback link, since Spinn's archive has gone down too (but that's why we're here, right?). And nearly all this information is now useless, outdated, and obsolete. But I've included these pages so that those unfamiliar with the DFC concept, those who found this little archive after the real DFC came down, can hopefully get some idea of how the DFC used to work and why the captions are the way they are. Please don't e-mail me or Spinn or anyone else with new captions.
--Anonymous Prime
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