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Zirconia3.com--Whaddya want for free anyway?

Welcome to Zirconia3.com, the off-again, on-again champion of cheesy, cut-rate internet attractions and distractions; now under new old management.

Zirconia3.com once ruled as the leading online provider of cheap, disposable, and mostly-non-toxic novelties and trifles. However, time passes quickly in the internet, and Zirconia3.com found itself swallowed up by hordes of would-be competitors-- millions of street peddlers and snake-oil salesmen setting-up shop along the information superhighway.

We were here first, dammit.

So, to keep ahead of an ever-changing, turbulent, and fickle internet market, Zirconia3.com shall experiment with the new economic paradigm of anti-commerce. Zirconia3.com will now give away all its merchandise, for free, for as long as we can before the investors finally notice what we're doing.

Until then, grab all you can carry.