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Anonymous Prime's Amusing.org Submissions

I've set this up because, well, I can. Aside from that, the sparse design of Amusing.org lends itself to simple images that look okay at small sizes, but some of my submissions are rather ambitious, so I want to be able to show them to you in all their glory.

Anyway, just mouse over the links to see the images. Links go to the corresponding a.o entries.

Also: these are all probably safe for work (visually and verbally), even that last one down there.

25: Gas-powered hearing aid

47: Roast beef protection

147: Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell manure

156: Carrot Top's Last Stand
       (click for larger version)
       (click for wallpaper version)

241: Explosive pregnancy

284: Salsa shark

284: Salsa shark (alternate)

323: Repubwiccans

345: Floor 13, Where maintenance hides

427: Heat-seeking lawn darts

469: "We're gonna enter our mothership in the tractor-pull!"

520: Drive-thru bordello
       (click for uncensored version)

544: King Midas, picking his nose

1058: Being the Supreme Evil Overlord requires more paperwork than most Evil Overlords realize
       (primary joke "borrowed" from this comic by Greg Peters (1962-2013)

1432: Cocktopus
       (click for larger version)
       (click for wallpaper version)